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Featured Snippets: What to Know

What is a featured snippet?

So to be clear, what is a featured snippet?

If you were to do a search for “are crocs edible,” you would see a featured snippet similar to this:

Basically, it’s offering you information regarding your search as well as pointing out a website. This isn’t to be puzzled with a solution box, where it’s just an answer and there’s no citation. If you were to look the number of days are in February, Google will most likely just tell you 28 and there’s no citation. That’s a response box as opposed to a featured snippet.
Need-to-know discoveries concerning highlighted snippets

Now what have we recently discovered concerning highlighted snippets?
23% of all search results page pages include a featured snippet

Well, we know that they’re on 23% of all search results page web pages. That’s wild. This is up over 165% because 2016.

We understand that they’re growing.
There are 5 general sorts of featured snippets

We know that Google remains to give a growing number of in various rooms, as well as we also understand that there are 5 basic types of featured snippets:

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